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Website Design & Development

Build Your Newest Team Member to Your Exact Specifications

August Interactive doesn’t see your website as another marketing tool, we think of it as an extension of your business – it’s a member of your sales team, marketing team, and technology team. It’s crucial for small business owners to have a team member that plays so many critical roles – and never needs a vacation or a day off! A website becomes an integral tool for larger companies when it plays a major role in your customer relationship management. Agencies seeking a temporary team player in their development cycle can always call on August Interactive.

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Project Consulting

Building the Perfect Website or Application Can be Difficult

Do you have the team in place that you need to guide you through the process and technologies that best fit your project? There are many important decisions to make, from pre-planning, design, site architecture, programming platforms, content development, usability and user experience testing, post production maintenance, and new version control. If you are not properly prepared you can easily lose control. The project management professionals at August Interactive can help keep you in the driver’s seat.

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Traditional Marketing

We Know More About Marketing Than Just Websites

Like many small business owners, we turned our passion into our livelihood, which is great news for our clients. Every day we design, take photos, write and program – it’s what we do. Marketing has many moving pieces and we make sure your marketing dollars are being used effectively. Websites are engaging and fluid – which is why we like them so much – but we do have considerable experience in other areas of marketing too. Why not find out for yourself? Give us a call today!

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Design & Branding

As Unique as Your Face or Your Fingerprints

When someone mentions Coke or Pepsi, you immediately visualize their logo, slogan and advertising jingle. The creation of each of these elements should reflect your business objectives and help differentiate you from the competition. Many people regard logos, branding and identity as all the same, but we know the differentiators, and how they work.

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