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Build Your Newest Team Member to Your Exact Specifications

August Interactive doesn’t see your website as another marketing tool, we think of it as an extension of your business – it’s a member of your sales team, marketing team, and technology team. It’s crucial for small business owners to have a team member that plays so many critical roles – and never needs a vacation or a day off!  A website becomes an integral tool for larger companies when it plays a major role in your customer relationship management. Agencies seeking a temporary team player in their development cycle can always call on August Interactive.

The Keys to Clean and Effective Web Design

When August Interactive meets with you for the first time, we listen to your needs, your concerns and your vision. Then we build out user scenarios to help us evaluate the various ways a customer may use the new site, or even a specific page. By understanding these aspects and interactions we design your site to meet each of your needs, and plan for long-term growth. Our use of HTML, CSS, and databases is key in helping us create a site that fits you, and your audience, perfectly.

Putting It All Together

Website development can be very easy or very complicated. A small site without any programming can be planned and executed in a few weeks, while a large site with a content management system, blog, database, business logic, and eCommerce solution may take several months. In order to ensure that you get the best possible site, August Interactive documents all of the requirements, logic, actions, and data fields before we start. This allows us to provide highly accurate estimates and to finish on time by eliminating surprises from the development process.

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