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Why AI

Why August Interactive?

Our professional staff provides design and development services:

  • Website User Interface Design
  • Hand Coded HTML and CSS
  • Drupal and WordPress Development and Programming Experts
  • Custom Application Development Using Cake and Ruby
  • Content Management Systems
  • User Experience Design Consulting

August Interactive also works with agencies and can provide design services with PSDs to CSS and XHTML, if design, site map and content are supplied. In addition, agencies who wish to supply XHTML and the logic model themselves can take advantage of our programming-only services.

But, wait, that’s not all! We also provide:

  • Design and Branding
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Project Consulting

As a result, many of our clients consider us a one-stop shop for their business needs in areas of sales, marketing, brand-building, etc.

August |ôˈgəst| – adjective

Respected and impressive: She was in august company.

August Interactive is located outside of Baltimore, north of Towson, in Phoenix, Maryland. Originally founded as Much Love Creative Communications, in April of 2007, the company rebranded as August Interactive in August 2008. The timing and our ideas converged making August the perfect name for our new selves. In our first year of business, as Much Love, we primarily focused on agency subcontracting work, but expanded our focus to include small and medium-size businesses.

Our mission statement is as clean as our design: provide impressive and interactive website design and web development to our customers.

Interactive |ˌintərˈaktiv| – adjective

Of a computer or other electronic device – Allowing a two-way flow of information between it and a user, responding to the user’s input.

We don’t create passive media. We create websites and applications that are meant to interact with your customers. The days of static websites that provide stale content are coming to an end. As web technology matures, and bandwidth to the home and office increases, everyone’s ability to interact with the web will be increased. August Interactive, through constant vigilance, creative solutions, and strategic partnerships will be able to support your company’s growth online.

Our People Make It All Possible

August Interactive hires the best designers and developers. How did they get so good? Clean living, exercise, eating their vegetables and studying hard on all their tests, of course. And, on top of all that, they have each worked in their respective fields for at least 10 years. That kind of experience goes along way to understanding the technology, marketing, and what customers really need.

Did you catch that part above about “respective fields”? I hope so, because it’s important. Rather than have just one or two super-talented people who can do everything, we have a whole team and we disburse roles based on skill sets. This means you’ll get someone who knows the big concept, but is a master at executing that phase of your project. This also means you don’t have to worry about another client tying up all the talent, because it’s distributed!

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