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Social media reaches hundreds of millions of users every day, delivering messaging at a scorching rate.  Companies are just now understanding the power of this media phenomenon and are weighting it accordingly in their communication plans. is a leader in social media marketing and custom Facebook application design and development.

August Interactive not only provided user interface design and consulting for the corporate website, but we are also a consistent partner in ongoing Facebook application design and development.

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  • Scott Hempling

    Former Executive Director at the National Regulatory Research Institute, Scott Hempling has re-entered private practice.

  • Audi Polo USA

    Audi continues to be a major worldwide sponsor of the the Sport of Kings. Audi Polo USA is an excellent example of competition and sportsmanship at its best.

  • Moon Landscaping

    Moon is one of the oldest and most respected names in horticulture with roots (pun!) dating back to 1767.

  • Margaret Flaherty

    “When I found the potter’s wheel I felt it all over like a wild duck in water.” Margaret Flaherty quoting George Ohr

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